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We would like you to have:

- Excellent social and team management skills;
- Experience with planning and tasks distribution;
- 2+ years of experience on a Team leading position;
- Strong experience with PHP 3+ years (OOP);
- Advanced knowledge of MySQL;
- Git Experience;
- Node.js experience (optional);

What you would do:

- An important aspect of the job is to manage a team of ~3 devs but to also utilize coding skills to help out on projects on a daily basis.

The role will gravitate to more management as the team grows but initially will require involvement in development. 

Other responsibilities include:

- Plan, coordinate, design, and supervise all activities related to the maintenance, operations and integration of our software products and applications; 
- Provide technical guidance on complex and cross application architecture challenges;
- Integrate our systems with partners APIs; 
- You will NOT support legacy code.

What we offer:

- Collaboration with real tech masters;
- Friendly and informal environment;
- Clear goals and continual challenges;
- The opportunity to do what you do best every day;
- Excellent salary, based on your skills.

To apply, send us your CV and impressive snippet of your code (impressive doesn't mean complex)

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