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The Business and Industry

Dopamine is quite literally the world's most innovative gaming studio and casino software developer. We make amazing modern gaming products
that revolutionise gaming for the international modern industry of legal, regulated, operators.

Based in London and Sofia, we provide the best products to the great international companies in the online betting and casino industry.

Our profitable, unique solutions can be found all over the world. Our products are available in 27 languages with more coming all the time. We are truly global.

We all speak English, but our group of companies is truly international. We have fluent speakers of diverse languages from French to Welsh, from Spanish to Urdu, from Cantonese to Italian... and everyone's learning Bulgarian.

Meet a few of us...

Relax & Compete

Sit & Think

Love your office!

Our Team

It's all about the people

Great people create great products. We select individuals who are bright, open minded and up for new challenges. If you are passionate about what you do, your success is inevitable. You might also join us on one of our company trips to Las Vegas, London or one of our other field trips too!

/ E.R. / Head of Great People

We show them how it's done

Our passion is to create a visually unprecedented gaming experience. When you love what you do, it's not really work, it's fun!

/ B.G. / Head of the Fantastic Graphics Team

Work smart not hard

We make hard tasks easy through simplicity. If you think fast and like solving problems, you will love it here. Finding the shortest route to the finish line doesn't make us lazy, it makes us smart!

/ C.I. / Member of the Dream Team

Contribute to perfection

I'm not a developer, nor an artist, nor do I make those cool sounds that bring our games to life. I pitch in at any stage of the work process to improve it. The ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing the end product.

/ N.P. / Head of Polishing Stuff

We don't compete, we lead

We don't try to be like the others. We have no competition as we literally lead the market. Every day we dream up new products and ways to change our industry for the better. We learn from our successes, just as we do from our mistakes. Problems aren't stop signs, just a reminder that solving them is what keeps us at the top of the game.

/ P.Y. / Head of International Relationships

We get it done

Forget the long and boring meetings. Say hello to direct, clear and meaningful conversations. We believe in doing things, not talking about them.

"If you spend too much time thinking about something, you'll never get it done"

/ Bruce Lee / A Guy We Like

WE come to dopamine to do our greatest work

Work atDopamine

We hire the best. Some of us are pretty confident and know it. Others are more chilled and just ooze cool brilliance. Whatever your style, we want to hear from you!

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