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Vue.js Developer

Work on complex web, mobile and desktop apps with loads of learning opportunities. Stop wasting your time supporting outdated browsers and platforms or some old legacy code someone wrote 10 years ago. Help us build advanced components and features for our core products.

What We Do

- Advanced components

- Desktop apps

- Great UX

- Responsive apps

- Internal libraries

Our Tech Stack We change it every few months

- Vue

- Vuetify

- Stylus

- Webpack

- Cypress


- Git

- Gitlab

Our Culture

You won't find promo videos of us only playing table tennis, fussball, video games etc... showing people having fun just for the sake of the video. We like our job because of the great work we do. We're a product company, which means we develop long-term projects for ourselves. We care about the code we write and we carefully choose our tech stack to be futureproof. That is why we chose Vue.js.

We Give Back

- We back the technologies we use, including Vue.js

- We're active members of Vue.js Bulgaria community

- We hosted the first Vue.js Workshop organized by Vue.js Bulgaria and we’ll keep doing that

- We created Boost - a training program for junior developers

Our Projects

- We use Vue a lot... obviously

- All of our apps follow the Vue recommended style guide

- Our apps have e2e tests with Cypress (not all of them but most of them)

- Our apps follow the Airbnb code standard

- Our apps are commitizen friendly

- Our apps use semantic release

- Our apps actually have docs and README's


- Work with Vue.js on a daily basis

- Build web, mobile and desktop apps

- Write e2e tests

- Automate your workflow


- Work directly with annoying clients

- Support redundant browsers and platforms

- Work on old legacy spaghetti code

- Spend your whole day in boring meetings

Must Haves

- Experience with Vue.js, Vuex, Vue Router

- Experience in building web apps

- Experience with Webpack

- Experience with git

Bonus Skills

- Building large apps with Vue.js, Angular or React

- Automated testing (Cypress, Nightwatch, Mocha)

- You write neat and tidy and use JSDoc

- Performance optimizations

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