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Node.js DevOps Developer


• Develop various tools based on Node.js

  - Automation tools (CI)

  - Stress testing tools (like bots)

  - Workflow automation tools

  - Electron based internal desktop apps

  - Database tools

• Analyse different workflow/deployment problems and develop help tools

• Collaborate with different teams to improve their work with different tools they need

• Research and suggest new methods or tools to do the required task


• Real hands-on experience with Node.js (latest versions)

• Good understanding of Linux (debian/ubuntu)

• Very good care of security

• Understanding of continuous development and ability to produce working prototypes early in the process.

• We are NOT interested in Express! The work will not include web server development


• Good knowledge of MySQL and analyzing performance issues

• Electron JS

• Automation software or testing

• Heavy MySQL load

• Data aggregation and statistics


• If you like having new projects all the time, different problems to solve, or to research and test new stuff - this is the job for you!

• No requirement for constant QA

• Most of the work will be focused on developing internal tools, used by internal teams

• Interesting, always-changing requirements

• Wide variety of tasks and ways to complete them

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