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DevOps Engineer


• Be part of the DevOps automation engineers - aiming to optimize and automate the work of the internal dev teams, ensuring more time efficient and quality reliable way of doing things
• Automate processes and daily routines
• Manage the adoption of tooling and industry best practices among development and operations teams.
• Deploy highly available, scalable, resilient, maintainable, monitored systems and services.
• Be the person that can anticipate the need for new tools, resources, and automation
• Attitude is just as important as experience with a particular set of tools. Therefore, we're looking for colleagues with great communication and interpersonal skills, who can communicate easily with people of varying levels of technical expertise


• Good or very good knowledge of Node.js
• Good knowledge of bash scripting
• Linux (Debian) experience
• Experience with source control system: GIT
• Knowledge of Continuous Deployment processes
• Experience with configuration management systems
• Experience with monitoring systems: Prometheus, Grafana or other
• Experience with build tools: Gitlab Runners or other


• PHP (fpm) and MySQL experience
• nginx (load balancing) experience

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