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Issue: Dopamine.js is throwing an uncaught error 'qateamLeader'.

Description: During a most peculiar test scenario, we have landed on an error produced exclusively in the time-frame of this job offer. We are looking for an awesome fellow to lead one of our QA teams.

Primary Preconditions:

# 1+ years experience in a management position

# Intimate knowledge of bug life-cycle and QA cycles

# Hands-on experience with SDLC

# A true north prioritization compass

# Mastery of time management

# Mastery of issue resolution

# Zen-infused mentorship skills

# Obsessive attention to detail

# Compulsive care of documentation

# A can of natural bug repellent

# An unquenching thirst for knowledge

# A mighty research matrix

# An unhealthy drive towards method improvement

Good to have:

# Basic knowledge in JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3


* The People: A friendly bunch of guys and girls who do good work and don't take themselves too seriously.

* The Office: Top location, great view!.. Oh, and game rooms!

* The Work: No hoop-jumping, no suit-flashing, no word-powdering. Do what you do best and improve your best every day.

Reproduction steps:

1. Assuming all preconditions are met, please apply to resolve our uncaught error.

2. After a brief alphanumeric validation by our code, open your email and be invited to our environment.

3. Meet us and notice we are looking for a Team Leader for our QA team, thus an error is thrown in our js console.

Expected results:

- Be responsible for a team of energetic manual and automation QAs and manage their work

- Maintain a firm grasp over product prioritization and flow of QA work within the company

- Research new methods of work and test optimization

- Manage and update in-dev and ready product documentation

- Manage test and presentation environments of products - Assure product readiness for end-user production deploy

To apply, please send us your CV in English

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