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- Responsible for definition of the solutions & system architecture;
- Lead the decision regarding technologies and tools;
- Define all aspects of development from appropriate technologies and workflow to coding standards;
- Perform code review;
- No legacy projects;

- Technical mindset;
- Experience as a Software Architect;
- Proficient developer PHP 5+ yrs (with strong programming skills, mainly OOP);
- SQL engineer (experience with deep sql optimizations);

- If you have intolerance for poor code and ineffective organization;

Normally we mix technologies looking for the right combination for every project.
So far we prefer in our projects:
- PHP / MySQL / NodeJS;
- Javascript - ES6 (yes, we use it), PixiJS, Underscore, Handlebars, ReactJS, Webpack, etc..
- REST always;
- Git.

To apply, please send us your CV in Bulgarian or English.

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