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DevOps Team Lead (Automation Team)


• Lead a team of DevOps automation engineers - constantly researching the work of the other teams, aiming to optimize and automate the work of the internal dev teams, ensuring a smarter way of doing things

• Provide technical leadership, guidance and technical team management

• Work with the team to automate processes and daily routines. Research, evaluate, and develop new tools to improve user efficiency. Influence your colleagues about the right way to build and release software, promoting and developing the continuous improvement

• Promote the adoption of tooling and industry best practices among development and operations teams. Work with development, operations, network, testing and others to identify bottlenecks on the path to production

• Be the person that can anticipate the need for new tools, resources, and automation

• Attitude is just as important as experience with a particular set of tools. Therefore, we're looking for colleagues with great communication and interpersonal skills, who can communicate easily with people of varying levels of technical expertise


• Advanced Linux knowledge

• Basic Windows knowledge

• Scripting skills: bash, node, php

• Experience with setting up production environments

• Strong experience in team management


• NodeJS

• PHP (fpm) and MySQL experience

• nginx (load balancing) experience

• Knowledge of Continuous Deployment processes

• Docker/containers experience


+ Friendly and informal environment

+ The opportunity to do what you do best every day

+ Using Cutting Edge Technologies

+ Clear Goal and continual challenges

+ Regular team buildings

+ Excellent salary based on your skills

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