Looking for a fun art challenge? We are sure you do 🙂

We love challenges and we love to go even one step further. Here is the long story short about how we do that.

During the month of October, visual artists attempt to create a completed ink drawing every day, for a total of 31 drawings at the end of the month. Well, a lot of artists don’t draw in ink or black-and-white very often, so Inktober creates an excuse to play around with unfamiliar drawing techniques. This year our amazing artists decided to take part in this initiative for a second time. As the month progressed, they shared their inky creations with all of us in Dopamine, which sparked quite a few inquiries from people interested in buying their artwork.

Overwhelmed with all the support and thumbs-up, we decided to donate their best pieces for a good cause so we will create a book where all these masterpieces will be collected in one place – The Inkbook.

We are so excited to announce that the money we will collect from selling the Inkbook will go to a great cause, one that is near and dear to our hearts.

Stay tuned for more cool drawings and upcoming initiatives!