A few months ago we, the Front-end devs in Dopamine decided to try out Vue.js in a tiny part of one of our big projects. It was so easy! In just a week we migrated not only that specific functionality but more than 50% of the whole app. We loved it.  

In fact, we love it so much that we wanted to give back to the amazing community not only by becoming one of Vue.js backers but also by helping the Vue.js community here in Bulgaria grow further.

The second we found out about Vue.js Bulgaria we contacted them and expressed our interest in working together. It was thrilling to host the very first Vue.js Workshop organized by Vue.js Bulgaria just a few months later!

We weren’t expecting to see such a huge interest in Vue.js in Bulgaria. Just for a week we managed to fill in all 50 available seats!

We received so much positive feedback that we are impatient to see when the next Vue.js Bulgaria event will be and hopefully work together again.

We’d like to thank everyone at Vue.js Bulgaria, especially Elena Gancheva, Dobromir Hristov, Nedyalko Dyakov and our very own Hristiyan Ivanov for their amazing work and we’re looking forward to working with them again! If you want to get notified about all events of Vue.js Bulgaria you can join the facebook page here or follow them on twitter here.

If you’re a Vue enthusiast like us or want to try something other than React or Angular, we’re looking for someone to join our web apps team. You can learn more about it here.