We attended the annual Bulgarian QA summit – QA Challenge Accepted version 5.0! Various acknowledged QA engineers and managers with years of experience in the field gave presentations on best practices, worst fallacies and crafty tools we can use to supercharge our testing.

We left the event feeling enriched and motivated to build more upon our own practices and procedures and explore uncharted waters, so to speak. Some well-known practices include Continuous Integration & Deployment, which is something we’ve integrated as a quality control feature thanks to our beloved frontend and backend CTOs.

What’s very cool about QA Challenge Accepted, is that all of the presentations can be found on their website in the archive section. We encourage everyone looking to delve into improving QA to watch them – QA Challenge Accepted.

Of course, we also took a few photos to mark the occasion. Our only regret is that we were unable to get a photo with the walking bug mascot….. it was too elusive of a bug, but we’ll catch him/her next year for sure! 🙂