Do you want to level up your Vue.js skills?

So, another unforgettable Vue.js event is coming 😊!

Due to the huge interest in our previous events and your desire to develop more advanced apps here’s what comes next:

  • 3rd event organized by the awesome team of Vue.js Bulgaria that will grab your attention 😊;
  • Lots of interesting lectures and speakers in the works so stay tuned;
  • A basic requirement is in-depth knowledge of Front-end technologies such as JS, Vue.js, and willingness to be up to date with the latest technology innovations;
  • No laptop needed this time 😊;
  • You can follow the event on Facebook here or here .

Hot Update 🔥

First speaker

Dobromir Hristov – Vue Conributor | Lead FE Dev @hypefactors

Modern E2E testing with Cypress

Why should we write tests and why not. How is Cypress an awesome tool for the job, assuring good sleep after Friday deployments.


Second speaker

Natalia Tepluhina – Vue.js Core Team Member | Snr. FE Developer GitLab

GraphQL & Apollo in Vue application

In this talk, we will discuss the basics of GraphQL and Apollo client, and create a simple Vue application using GraphQL API.


Third speaker

Damian DuliszVue Core Member | Lead Frontend Engineer @coursedog

Composing Components

Component composition and a sneak peek of what’s to come.


Fourth speaker

Borislav Borisov – Senior Developer @AmpecoGlobal

Laravel Nova

Why using Laravel Nova is a good idea.


Fifth speaker

Viet Yen Nguen – CTO Hypefactors

Adopting Vue.js and Win



Can’t wait to see you 😊

We are looking for people like you! Check out our openings for more info.


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